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Did you buy a new computer and have no idea where to start? Not only can we set up your computer, we can set up a new network, access points, wireless routers, printers, modems and more. We also offer computer services to help you create a fast, modern home network.

Not much we cannot handle around here....

No matter what type of computer you own, we can diagnose and repair any issues you may be experiencing.  In most cases, our computer solutions service can access your computer remotely, without the need for an on-site visit. Isn't technology wonderful?!

From new operating systems to that much needed hard drive upgrade, our computer repair service includes Macs or Windows with no job being too small or too large.  This includes replacing laptop screens, hard drives, memory upgrades, power supplies, etc.  Most repairs are done onsite, so you can bring your problems to us!


computer Solution Services

Having a hard time figuring out how to navigate your new PC or Mac? Need assistance with "clouds", or migrating email accounts? We offer support and training tailored to your needs (and schedule!). The key to a good teacher: patience.

Data Recovery

Oh, no! Did you open up a suspicious email & now your computer crashes at every turn? Has your internet browser slowed to a crawl? With up to date virus, spyware + malware removal tools, we can have your PC or Mac up and running at full speed in no time. We can also install much needed tools so your system is protected at all times.

1-on-1 Training

OS Restore/Upgrade


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Has your PC  become bogged down with unused programs and out of date software or operating system? We can back up your important files and restore your operating system to like new condition. We can also upgrade your memory or replaced your hard drive and your desk or laptop will be running smoother than ever.

Memphis Computer Support, ComputersNetworks, Memphis, TN

Did your hard drive crash with all of your important documents and pictures? No worries! We can more than likely recover your lost data. We can even help you figure out a backup solution either local or via cloud that will put your mind at ease again. 

Computer/Network Setup