Latest Technology in Cabling & Security 

A well-defined network with structured cabling can make a huge difference for a business. Here you can create a basic foundation for connectivity, and it is a necessity for each and every business. Is everything labeled or do you walk into your network closet and want to run out screaming?

Do you know how old your cabling is currently? Are you experiencing internet outages and sporadic problems that your ISP cannot seem to figure out? Do you need to clean out your network closet because it is a mangled mess? How about your Access Points? Are they performing well or do they need to be replaced? Do you need fiber optic cabling as a solution? Do you want to upgrade your Cat5 to Cat6 cabling?

Let Memphis Computer Support be your guide for these type of networking projects.

Not sure where to install your security cameras? We inspect locations to find the best installation areas. In addition we also have the knowledge of multiple types of CCTV installation combined with many years of experience to bring more security to your environment.

  • Commercial Wireless & Hardwired Networks
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Network Installation 
  • Network Design
  • Security cameras 
  • Fiber Optic, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 
  • Indoor & Outdoor Security Alarms
  • CCTV Camera Systems
  • Installation